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I’ve been coaching for so many years and I think that one of the most important skills that a swimmer should improve is the fifth stroke. I’ve already talked about it and about its importance. 

There are a few things that can be used to improve this ability, but monofins have become of the most sought after tools. 

Monofins help improving not just underwaters, but other important aspects of coordination. Let’s see what these are. 

You can improve your dolphin kicking technique, which is essential to butterfly, but also to freestyle, backstroke and (partially) breaststroke underwaters. 

When it comes to underwaters, thanks to a monofin you can increase speed and acquire better control of your underwater movements. Monofins force you into using your body more efficiently and strengthening your core. The use of monofin improves your ankles flexibility. Lastly allows you to diversify your training routines. 

However, monofins are very useful not just for swimmers but for other aquatic disciplines. 

There are various underwater disciplines that make regular use of monofins both as a training as well as a race tool. Free divers make regular use of monofins. Another emerging discipline is mermaiding, which combines breath control and choreography. 

Contact me for arranging your Monofin Workshop. One to One , Groups and large teams are more than welcome. I am either happy to travel to your pool in South East Queensland or host you in Brisbane.

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