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Streamline! Streamline! Streamline!

A small gesture that can change your (swimming) life .

This could be, in summary, the definition of streamline.

I'm talking about the hydrodynamic stance that all top level swimmers take every time they're under water.

It doesn't take long hours to improve this technique. You don't need grueling workouts to get stronger, faster and more resilient. it's just a good habit to adopt at all times, like thanking someone or greeting your neighbors in the morning (assuming they are "good neighbors").

There are countless sources on the web on how to streamline perfectly. The key is always to squeeze the back of the head between the biceps. With one hand locked over the other and arms stretched forward to point forward.

All good if we are talking about people with excellent shoulders flexibility. But what happens when, for a thousand reasons, this position cannot be obtained?

I have identified a scale of four "acceptable" positions. Unless you are preparing the next Olympic games, you can choose the one that suits you best:

  1. Streamline - arms, back and legs must be perfectly aligned. The head squeezed just below the biceps and one hand over the other. Chin just out of the chest. Contracted core, back muscles and glutes and toes pointed backwards.

  2. Twisted Thumbs - as above but instead of overlapping hands hold them side by side with palms down and thumbs twisted.

  3. Position Eleven - again, as above. This time the arms are parallel and extended forward. Here you have to work more with the upper back muscles. Hide your head between your arms. Neither above nor below.

  4. Arms By Side - some purists will turn up their noses here. However, it must be considered that this post is also aimed at people with poor joint mobility. In these cases, this position has many advantages over the "brackets" or "banana" positions. Including the possibility of having a better dolphin kicking. Even in this position, the head must be perfectly aligned with the back and legs.

Thanks to these four positions you can gain valuable seconds, if you are a competitive or master athlete. But even if you don't compete, they can make you glide longer and thus reduce the number of strokes. They will allow you to save energy and swim more laps during your workouts.

Is just a small gesture that can make a big difference. It is just a good habit