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The importance of a dynamic warm up before swimming

According to science there are at least three reasons for using dynamic stretching/warm-up:

  1. Less in Water Warm-up Required: A dynamic warm-up increases the body temperature. This warm-up decreases the time needed for a slow, poorly performed in-water warm-ups.

  2. Improved Motor Control [body coordination]: Many swimming warm-ups use the same motions as swimming [i.e. freestyle is used as the main warm-up and during the main set]. This lack of variety does not enhance general motor control. In fact, slow and sloppy in-water warm-up may impair stroke biomechanics and motor control. Unlike swimming warm-ups, out of water dynamic warm-up can enhance an athlete’s motor control.

  3. General Strength Gains: Many people have sedentary lives. This lack of movement variety creates muscular imbalances which may increase injury risk. Mastering varying movements with a dynamic warm-up can enhance general strength, which may help a swimmer control their body, but more importantly, help create a balanced muscular system and prevent injuries.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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